About the Study Group

The Study Group on Jewish Studies and Music fosters the study of the intersections between Jewish culture and music. Its focus is both Jewish music—its complex meanings and varied roles—and, more broadly, the processes and negotiations that condition music in various Jewish contexts, including the compositions and activities of Jewish and non-Jewish musicians, responses to those musics and activities, and their historical and cultural foundations.

2016 Awards of Recognition

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Award for Excellence for an Edited Volume on Jewish Studies and Music: Tina Fruehauf and Lily Hirsch, Dislocated Memories: Jews, Music, and Postwar German Culture (Oxford University Press).

Award for Excellence for a Book on Jewish Studies and Music: David Broadbeck, Defining Deutschtum: Political Ideology, German Identity, and Music-Critical Discourse in Liberal Vienna (Oxford University Press).

Honorable Mention: Evan Rapport, Greeted With Smiles: Bukharian Jewish Music and Musicians in New York (Oxford University Press).

Honorable Mention: Amy Lynn Wlodarski, Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation (Cambridge University Press”

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